Lightweight, Durable, Easy to Deploy

Portable Roads in Minutes Rather Than Days!!

Within a few minutes a road, which is 4 meters wide and 25 meters long in length, can be laid out.  The matting is reinforced by galvanised steel wires and in transverse direction by steel bars. The spring steel bars provide the mat with a membrane action, enabling it to transfer high wheel loads to the sub-soil without significant rutting or permanent deformation.

Boggy Ground? No Problem...

The mat was especially developed to allow heavy vehicles to operate in soft terrain without the risk of bogging. Portable Road requires no maintenance, can be used many times without noticeable wear and tear. Its flexibility and light weight (15 kg. / m2) makes it easy to roll, drag, retrieve and store. Portable Road consists of woven polypropylene fabric with high strength, durability and resistance against chemicals and u.v. light. It can be used on all types of soft soil, i.e. fine non cohesive sand, clay, loam or peat in marshland or in swampy areas.

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