helipad.jpgThe HeliPad is a safe and stable landing area for helicopters without encountering any obstacles. The need for a clearly marked, safe landing area is evident knowing the effects of a brownout or a whiteout. The helicopter rotor downwash creates a dust cloud that minimizes the visual orientation of the pilot. The ground crew gets sandblasted when working in the rotor downwash area if not working with a HeliPad. The brownout also increases wear and tear of engine and rotor due to FOD (foreign object debris). 

In order to prevent dust, sand or objects to get airborne due to the rotor downwash, Robusta engineers have designed a super lightweight reinforced HeliPad. Woven fabric panels, put together in length direction or sideways will form the Robusta HeliPad. The fabric is woven from specially treated PP yarns together with carbon rod reinforcement in cross direction. With the HeliPad, a smooth surface can be created, covering the dust particles and improving the ground characteristics. The Portable helicopter platform is light weight, easy to install, easy to carry and easy to store due to the rollable panels. The size of the platform is flexible by connecting as many panels as needed.

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