Fast Deployment Tool

19.jpgThe total package of this system consists of several sections of the Heavy Trackway Mammoth Mat plus the Fast Deployment Tool. With this system we have equipped a quick response team that, in case of a major accident, can be transported to the location of the accident and lay out a temporary roadway suitable for all possible vehicles on the roadway.

This system is also a possible solution for maintenance work when a short cut or bypass to the other side of the roadway is required, to temporarily let the traffic drive in both directions separated by barriers.

The PRC Fast Deployment Tool is an innovative solution developed to reduce time wasted in traffic jams. The Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management has formed a project team to find short term solutions to reduce traffic jams. This project team is called “Fileproof”. One of the most promising solutions at the moment is the project called “Portable Road”. This is an instant road that can be installed with the use of the Fast Deployment Tool. This road can be placed in the soft shoulder to create a diversion around an accident or something else blocking the roadway. 


  Length (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg)
Fast Deployment Tool - 550 1100.00

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